Electrochemistry Lab for Energy and Environment (ELEE)

The electrocatalytic hydrogen cycle with carbon and nitrogen resources is of emerging interest for renewable energy and environment.

ELEE focuses on developing efficient and high-performing electrocatalytic system for carbon and nitrogen mediated hydrogen cycle.

Currently, ELEE is looking for master & PhD candidates who are highly motivated in electrocatalysis.

Representative Publications

CuAl EES_1

Interface rich CuO/Al₂CuO₄ surface for selective ethylene production from electrochemical CO₂ conversion


Design of less than 1 nm Scale Spaces on SnO₂ Nanoparticles for High-Performance Electrochemical CO₂ Reduction

Mun Kyoung Kim, Hojeong Lee, Jong Ho Won, Woohyeong Sim, Shin Joon Kang, Hansaem Choi, Monika Sharma, Hyung-Suk Oh, Stefan Ringe,* Youngkook Kwon*, and Hyung Mo Jeong*, Adv. Funct. Mater 2022, 32, 2107349 (Selected as Front Cover) Link and Cover Link


Copper with an atomic-scale spacing for efficient electrocatalytic co-reduction of carbon dioxide and nitrate to urea

Seokmin Shin Siraj Sultan Zong-Xian Chen Hojeong Lee Hansaem Choi Tae-Ung Wi Changhyun Park Tae Won Kim Chanhee Lee Jihong Jeong Hyeju Shin Tae-Hee Kim Hyungkuk Ju Hyung-Chul Yoon Hyun-Kon Song* Hyun-Wook Lee* Mu-Jeng Cheng* and Youngkook Kwon*,  Energy Environ. Sci., 2023, 16, 2003-2013 (Selected as Inside back cover)  Link and Cover Link

ACS Energy Letters_2021

Electro-synthesis of Ammonia from Dilute Nitric Oxide on a Gas Diffusion Electrode

Seonjeong Cheon, Won June Kim, Dong Yeon Kim*, Youngkook Kwon*, and Jong-In Han*, ACS Energy Lett., 2022, 7, 958 (Selected as Supplementary Cover)  Link and Cover Link

화면 캡처 2023-11-13 102758

In-Situ Ionomer-Free Catalyst-Coated Membranes for Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers

Tae-Hoon Kong, Pandiarajan Thangavel, Seokmin Shin, Seontaek Kwon, Hansaem Choi, Hojeong Lee, Namgyoo Park, Jung-Je Woo, Youngkook Kwon* ACS Energy Lett., 2023, 8, 4666-4673 (Selected as Front Cover)  Link and  Cover Link

페이지 원본 Advanced Energy Materials - 2022 - Thangavel - Immobilizing Low‐Cost Metal Nitrides in Electrochemically Reconstructed_1

Immobilizing Low-Cost Metal Nitrides in Electrochemically Reconstructed Platinum Group Metal (PGM)-Free Oxy-(Hydroxides) Surface for Exceptional OER Kinetics in Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis

Pandiarajan ThangavelHojeong LeeTae-Hoon KongSeontaek Kwon, Ahmad Tayyebi, Ji-hoon Lee, Sung Mook Choi, Youngkook Kwon* Adv. Energy Mater., 2023, 13, 2203401 (Selected as Front Cover)  Link and  Cover Link